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Picture courtesy of Gordan Dumka, used with permission.

Official Website

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Donation perks at various levels! Autographed CDs, T-shirts, Perfume and MORE!!
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Midnight Hour

Check out these links for this amazing band from California!
Youtube / Facebook / Twitter

Check out their newest Acoustic Album! It's AMAZING!

Band Members:
Brad Lodge - Vocals / Dan Ardis - Drums
Tim Johnson - Guitar / Jared Mitchell - Bass
James Mitchell - Guitar




Picture courtesy of Kyle Quigley and used with permission..

The Absolute
Check out this incredible band from Los Angeles on their social networking sites!


Official Website

Band Members
Philip Ross
Ashton Likes
Ryan Driscoll
Michael Pozzi

I had the opportunity to see them live in March 2012 when I was visiting a friend in Los Angeles. Fantastic show!
(Thanks Jane!)


 Eric Hennig

You may have seen him in
The Vampire Diaries,
One Tree Hill and The Hunger Games!

Go check out his pages!
Internet Movie Database

Twitter <-- Follow him! He's cool! :)

Eric Hennig Fan - Wordpress
Eric Hennig Fan - Weebly
Eric Hennig Fan - Tumblr


A few of Eric's favourite things are the colour blue, the number 11 and  the movie The Goonies, he also does not like chocolate!  Learn more about him by following his Twitter feed and liking his Facebook page ! He's involved in new projects so keep your eyes open for news on those :)

Picture courtesy of Eric Hennig and used with permission.



Marcus Foster Official Website
On Tour Now!

Lee MacDougall Official Website
Lee will be doing private shows in the spring in North America, Check out his Facebook & Twitter for information!

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stories from the road!

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Ashton Lane
Official Website

One of my Fave young musicians from
Vancouver, BC

Sam Bradley
Check his Website for Tour Dates! Sam is currently in the United Kingdom.
Please check out his tour dates for a show near you!

Twitter (NOW VERIFIED) / Facebook




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